Hardtail matters

So today I have to make a decision, pay day is rolling round on Friday and so the next step with the bit of a div project needs the trigger pulling

With all the other bullspit going down with the daily the chopper build has taken a bit of a back seat and it’s about time to do some more on that, so a quick recap, the frame is down to bare bones and I’ve chopped off the rear sub frame, unbolted the swing arm, chopped off the two ugly top tubes and started cleaning up the brackets and do dads that I don’t need any more, next steps are fitting the new single top tube that I have made, and hard tailing.
Now for anyone that has done this before I have a couple of options,

1. make one from scratch.
Buy in the tubing, measure cut, bend and weld the back end exactly to my specification
pro’s, it’s completely custom, 100% made to my spec and probably the cheapest option in terms of off the bat lay out.
con’s, it takes along time to do and is a very involved process

2. buy a ready made weld in back end
pro’s, a lot less work than above, it’s all ready complete and ready to rock
Con’s, your not going to get much change from £200, and it’s not easily customisable

3. buy a kit
You can get ready bent and cut lengths of tubing and rear mounts for under £100
pro’s, probably the most cost effect way of achieving the goal. it’s fairly customizable too
Con’s, it’s still someone’s else’s design and available in pretty much one style so if it’s your style then your quids in if not then well, back to square one.

For me in particular I think option 3 is going to be the way forward and I will be purchasing it on Friday, so I will let Y’all no when I get it and do a picture have of fitting it!

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