Your Country Needs You!! well maybe not but I do……

Afternoon folks, it’s that time where I need to come to you, cap in hand and ask, Please sir can I have some more?
But alas in this case it’s not porridge I’m after, it’s writer’s!

In the pursuit to create for you guys a quality website to make you laugh smile and cry, I’m realizing that we need more writers to create some good posts for the website to keep things fresh and add some new angles and perspectives for you to read.

Say with that can we sign you up yeah?

If you’d like to help please get in touch with how you think you can and anything you have done in the past, which by the way is not necessary, I don’t care if you’ve never done anything in the past all I ask for is someone with a reasonable grasp of the Queens English and a sense of humour!

WAIT!! Don’t go yet!

If you want to get involved please send an email to with the subject writer.

On top of that we would also like to hear from builders about what is in your shed maybe have your build as a feature on the site and do a feature and photoshoot when the bike is complete.

Finished Bikes, hot rods and anything else cool is always welcome!

Ta Mooch Moe!

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