well, that folks is all she wrote

Regular readers will know that I have been fighting with bloody hands to snatch the div back from the jaws of death, well as you read in the last post, the block on the new engine is fubar, so…… as I hope you will have come to notice by now, I really don’t know when to stop, so with that being said I have decided that as I know (at this stage) the block of the old engine is good, instead of shelling out for yet another new motor, I will make one good motor out of the two shagged ones I have, awesome, so I have a plan lets get on with that then!

I start to strip the old engine down, and as I suspected, straight off the bat I’m seeing what’s gone wrong, the cam over the number three cylinder is chewed and cam followers are well and truly battered, so orrrf with his head! that’s when I can see the real damage, the valves have been bent leaving the valves pointing side ways into the cylinders, perfectly placed for the piston to hammer against them and shatter, thus bending the con-rod into a nice right angle to claw up and down the cylinder liner causing that in turn to shatter too….. awesome.

Now that I have the motor stripped right down to the short block, pistons out and sump off, I can see right through the inner works of the block, crankshaft and gear box and it’s all kinds of ugly in there, some big ole chunks of piston clanging about, but more concerning, little bits and some so fine it’s basically grit, so now I have a conundrum, do I spend more money still on another engine?, do I buy another block and carry on as planned? or do I finally give in, stop throwing money at a dying cause?

Well dear friends I think its finally time to call it, she’s done, time to turn the machine off. It’s not an easy decision but to be honest as you’ve probably read before, I probably should of done it a while ago, I think I’ve been hanging on purely because I can, I can fix it, I probably still could, but at what point do you draw the line? can I fix it? sure I could, but is it worth another £100 and a million man hours stripping the gear box down and getting the cillit bang on it until it’s cleaner than a choir boys cock? nope. so that’s it decision made, done.

Within hours she’s stripped of anything worth keeping for the chopper and pictures taken of the other parts to go on the bay of e, so that’s it then the div is dead, I’m not sure how to take it, one thing is for sure, I’m definitely in mourning, if anyone wants me I’ll be in the shed….

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