Nikwax glove proof

Time For another review!
So things have been quit on this front since the div crapped itself, but I will be bringing these back over the next week concentrating on winter warmer’s!

It’s that time again folks, jack frost is starting to rear his ugly head, the heavens are opening and it’s time to put the summer gear away for the foreseeable! Here though is a nifty little trick by those dry guys Nikwax.

If like me, you don’t want a pair of gloves for sun, for hot days, for light showers, for snow, for cold blah blah blah well with Nikwax glove proof you don’t need to, My intention when I bought this was to waterproof my summer textile gloves, now I should say they are in no way waterproof, at all in fact, but after a coat of this stuff? well lets find out?
Well i used it and as if the weather gods were on my side (or not depends how you look at it) it rained 2 days later! get in! and i must add, after the 45 minute ride in the rain my hands are dry! my jeans are soaked but that’s a story for another time.
The stuff itself was pretty fiddly to apply, my gloves have leather palms and leather in between the fingers so I wasn’t really sure how much was enough, so i went with the slap it on approach, which meant they took and ages to dry (overnight), but that could have been my mistake for being a bit over zealous.

Bang for Buck
At least than a Lady Godiva to waterproof your gloves is pretty dang good

Eye Candy
Doesn’t really apply for this one, it dries clear and you wouldn’t know it’s on there (visually)

It does everything it claims to, so no complaints here

Ease of use
This was the area that lost me a bit, it reminded me of cleaning my shoes when I was a kid before going to my nans birthday bash, and it was a little vague on how much I should slap on, but having said that, fill in the blanks yourself and you get Open bottle- squeeze stuff onto gloves – let it dry. so yeah I guess its pretty straight forward.

Happy Choppers Reckons
Well if you don’t think dry, warm ¬†hands is worth a fiver you should probably have a word with yourself, freak…

  • Bang for Buck
  • Eye Candy
  • Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Happy Choppers Reckons


What We Thunk

This is good stuff and we highly recommend it, there's enough in there to last and at £5 it doesn't really matter if you have to re do it in three months.
How long it will last we don't know yet but we'll find out!


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